Telephone Exchanges/PBXes

Telephone Exchanges/PBXes

Our offer includes analog, digital and IP phones from all the leading ICT brands: Poly, Axtel, Yealink, Gigaset Pro, Snom, Grandstream and many more, all of which are frequently chosen by the majority of big international companies.

Telephone Exchanges/PBXes

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Poly SoundPoint IP series phones explore all options that VoIP technology has to offer based on SIP protocole and deliver state-of-the-art sound quality and advanced functions that ensure increase in efficiency and productivity of conversations.



The European brand Axtel specializes in manufacturing professional headphones and IP phones. Many years of experience on the market and constant listening to the needs of users have enabled us to create a functional product using the highest technologies in the industry. Caring for every detail and reliability are the domain of Axtel, so customers who once know the quality of products stay with the brand for years.


Yealink, a manufacturer of cutting-edge VoIP solutions. The products are user friendly in terms of installation and use, they are dependable and cost-effective. VoIP products are manufactured to outreach the expectations of the clients and deliver a product that will ensure friendly and satisfying usage.


The European leader in the cordless phones market, specializing in the DECT and CAT-iq technology. The company’s wealth of experience in combination with German precision guarantees a superior end-product that seamlessly integrates with the software and devices of many well-known brands.


Grandstream is a US-based IP phone and business conferencing solutions manufacturer. The company has over 50 products in its portfolio and is present on five continents. Its innovative solutions have been recognized numerous times, and the company received multiple awards, including “TMC Product of the Year 2015” in the “Unified Communications” category and twice in 2015 and 2017 in the “Internet Telephony” category.


One of the youngest brands in the business communication industry. Thanks to its innovative products, which quite often outperform those by more experienced competitors, the company keeps expanding into new markets. As of now, its VoIP solutions are available in over 50 countries and utilized by international brands such as KFC or IBM.

Our offer includes also solutions from companies such as: Panasonic, Snom, Unity, Alcatel Lucent.

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