Telephone / PBX

Telephone / PBX

Telephone exchanges represent the modern hybrid products family, which replace such solutions as analog telephone adapters or VoIP routers. Traditional telephone exchange had very limited possibilities.

The equipment we offer has a positive influence on functioning of a company:

  • It reduces the operating costs
  • the cost of its installation is low

IP Office models provide many modern solutions that improve call handling (e.g. automatic call answer, possibility to set call forwarding and many more). We offer the system that provides all the functions of IP PBX and other types of such equipment and additionally has many useful qualities that facilitate the everyday work. It is worth to remember that using modern equipment, such as IP Office telephone exchange and digital technology (e.g. IP telephony) helps to reduce the cost of calls significantly. As such appliances use the existing infrastructure, the installation is not expensive. Several companies decided to start using telephone exchanges. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to present you the possibilities and our offer in detail.

Modular design

Modular design enables flexible configuration matching specific needs. Thanks to such solution, a developing business can avoid investment costs in the future.

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